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Simple Funnel - No DownSells - No Fake Scarcity!

100% Commissions on the FE and the BUMP!

Launch Dates

Starts 22nd September @ 9AM EST

Ends 29th September @ Midnight EST

100% Commissions on the FE and the FE BUMP

50% on the Rest of the Funnel

Price Range: $7.00 to $997.00

Commission Range: $7.00 to $871.50

Easy Money

Contest Rules

Top 3 in Total Revenue

Be Cool, Honest and Ethical in Your Promotion

Any Shady Stuff Like Showing or Telling Customers to Refund for Your Bonuses Will Disqualify You From Contest and Also You Will Not Be Allowed to Promote

To Quality for Prizes You Must Make Equivalent in Sales

Prize Payouts Via Invoice From Vendor - No PayPal Payments

Prize Payouts Paid After Launch Closes and Within Reasonable Time for Refund Request During 30 Day Refund Window

What is Affiliating?

Affiliating is a case study and training of the exact strategies and tools that I used to build and run a profitable online business. Nothing is held back and I show everything that I do inside my business. A complete behind the scenes look at what it takes and just how simple it is to build and run a profitable online business. Also, the biggest benefit is that I do LIVE coaching weekly in the Facebook group and a LIVE meetup via Zoom the 1st week of each month. These recordings are added to the members area also in case members can't make the LIVE sessions!

Links to Sales Pages

(*Note, sales copy and buy buttons still being added, but will be completed well before the launch date.)

Be sure to emphasize these are launch prices and these offers and prices will not be available when the launch closes. Also the "Prime Niches" BUMP offer is a real One Time Offer for $7, if they don't take the BUMP it's $17.

    Affiliating - Front End Sales Page

    $7 on the front end affiliate marketing training using YouTube, Facebook Groups, Groove and GetResponse to build an email list.

    Training and case study of what I do and how I do it to run a profitable online business.

    Price will rise after launch.

    This allows includes ongoing LIVE training inside the Facebook group and replays posted to the members area.

    LIVE Zoom meetups the 1st week of each month.

    Affiliating - Copy My Niches - OTO1 Sales Page

    $47 up-sell case study that does a deep dive into all 3 of my YouTube channels, the videos I make and why and the products I promote on WarriorPlus.

    Affiliating - Email Coaching - OTO2 Sales Page

    $30 up-sell, crazy value at $1 a day to ask me questions via email. 30 days of email coaching and support from me to get real answers to questions about building a profitable online business. Your audience cannot get this level of access to me anywhere else at this price.

    Affiliating - 100% Commissions - OTO3 Sales Page

    $147 up-sell that is self-explanatory, but the angle here is your audience can break into WarriorPlus and earn 100% thru the funnel. Or for seasoned vets this option allows them to sell this version of Affiliating and keep 100% of the profits.

    Affiliating - LIVE Coaching - OTO4 Sales Page

    $197 this up-sell gets your audience 4 weeks coaching via live Zoom support calls, 1 per week guaranteed and up to 2 per week as my schedule permits (30 minute time limit applies), but all questions will be answered.

    Affiliating - DFY Research - OTO5 Sales Page

    $297 this up-sell is custom DFY niche research for 10 YouTube videos to jumpstart a channel.

    Affiliating - 1on1 Consulting - OTO6 Sales Page

    $997 this up-sell is 1 on 1 consulting on your affiliate business. Complete setup and structure, detailed plan based on meeting with customer and what kind of business they want to have.

    Affiliating - Prime Niches (if not taken as one time 'bump offer' on FE checkout) Sales Page

    $7 if they take the one time BUMP on the FE, $17 if they skip it. The best PRIME niches to use with the T.O.P. strategy and affiliating traffic source inside of Affiliating to have your own profitable business up and running by the end of the day for only $7. 

Garry Lynn Baker

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